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Face Reality Barrier Balance Creamy Cleanser

Barrier Balance Creamy Cleanser



  • Effectively cleanses and removes daily makeup, dirt and impurities
  • Leaves skin feeling clean, comfortable and lightly hydrated without an oily or greasy
  • Soothes skin, supports the skin’s microbiome, and maintains the natural moisture barrier
  • Ingredients


    • Amino-Acid Cleansing Agent: Amino acid-based cleansing agent that is gentle and moisturizing yet effectively removes dirt, oil, and everyday makeup
    • Prebiotics: Inulin derived from chicory root soothes, hydrates, and supports a healthy microbiome.
    • Hydrating + Soothing Blend: a combination of premium ingredients work hard to soothe, hydrate, and soften skin, reduce sensitivity and irritation, and support healthy skin barrier function. Includes:
      • Allantoin
      • Jojoba Esters
      • Centella Asiatica Extract(Cica)
      • Panthenol
      • Bisabolol
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