Tired of boring, toxic petroleum based lip balms that do more harm than good?

It's time to try The Lip Balms by ToGoSpa

Organic Splash for Lips
A ripe zesty citrus scent of Brazilian Orange and Italian Grapefruit soothes the senses, and calm the mind. Organic jojoba, evening primrose, sunflower, and coconut oils deeply hydrate and protect lips from moisture loss, and Rejuvenating Shea butter and Vitamin E moisturize and condition skin, helping to soothe dry, chapped lips.

Scented with a brilliant splash of Brazilian Orange & Italian Grapefruit to invigorate and refresh; fortified with a skin-conditioning blend of healing evening primrose and grape seed oils to protect your lips from the damaging effects of daily pollution and provide long lasting moisture protection.

Energizing, invigorating and oh so moisturizing. Try our Organic Splash balm and feel the splash today!


Organic Love Balm for Lips
Fresh and tingly on the lips, our Organic Love balm is crafted with a scrumptious formula of certified organic virgin coconut oil and ultra-softening African Shea Butter to prepare your lips for their chosen role. When our ever vigilant product crafters extraordinaire came across a report indicating that the act of kissing worldwide was on the decline they immediately cried as one, this shall not be and sprang into action with the single goal of correcting this most egregious of situations.

Lip smackingly good-for-you this unique blend of organic oils moisturize lips from within rather than sealing them off like petroleum-based lip balms. Fortified with Lavender, Peppermint and Spearmint to soothe and refresh and a super skin-conditioning blend of evening primrose and grape seed oils to revitalize dry, parched and cracked skin. Hooray for happy, healthy kissable lips! No synthetic ingredients or flavors.


Make the world a better place. Try our Organic Love balm - go out and kiss someone today.

The Lip Balms - Organic Coconut Oil Lip Balm

Organic Splash for Lips: Orange
Organic Love Balm for Lips: Organic Love Balm for Lips