Az Skin Rehab is a privately owned skincare salon suite located inside Gemini Wellness Spa in Chandler, Arizona..  We provide a relaxing and inviting atmosphere for client's to come and get the one on one attention they deserve. Your visit will never feel rushed. It is our goal to provide our client's with quality and affordable skincare solutions.

Your personal Skin Coach, Faith, is a passionate licensed Esthetician whose mission is to provide transformational solutions to clients of all skin types and ethnicities.  Faith received her Esthetics training at The Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics in Tempe, AZ.  Faith is also a Holistic Nutrition Coach and  Mind-Body Wellness Practitoner receiving her education from The Southwest Institute of Natural Healing Arts, to further enhance her practice.  You will immediately recognize Faith is all about giving you the results you desire.

Our Philosophy

~a conscious approach to skincare~


It is my passion to make everyone feel simply beautiful in their "skin." I believe in a Holistic approach to skincare using stress relieving techniques that indulge the senses, massage that stimulates circulation, aroma therapy that improves mood & health, restorative treatments that create results, and natural products that are good for the skin.  

I wholeheartedly believe that "beautiful skin starts from within."


       ~ Skin Coach, Faith~


1257  W. Warner Road, Suite B2

Chandler, AZ 85224

P. 480-215-6591

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